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Permanent Makeup
Eyebrow Treatment

Our Permanent makeup

Our permanent makeup or PMU only using the best EU compliance pigments that safe for our body. Permanent makeup it should look very natural enhance your natural beauty and very little maintenance.


Every face, brows bone and personality of individual clients are different. We will try to fulfil your fantasy how you want the shape and look accordingly. We can create a makeup look, natural hairs, or mixes in between.   

Our permanent makeup or PMU
Nano Brows
Realistic hair strokes Microblading
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lips makeup

What's New?

Nano brows is a new tattoo technique, created natural hair strokes to mimic your natural eyebrows hairs. Blends beautifully to create fluffy, crisps and lasted up to three years because I must planting the pigment between Epidermis and Dermis. Therefor, the pigment will sturdy in colour and doesn't change like Microblading does as Microblading pigment will only sit on Epidermis. Nano Brows suitable for any skin types

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