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Deep Tissue Massage

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Ready to take your massage skills to the next level? Our Deep Tissue Massage course delves into the world of targeted pressure techniques designed to release chronic muscle tension and pain. This course is perfect for massage therapists looking to expand their repertoire and offer a more therapeutic massage experience. In this course, you will: Gain a thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology relevant to deep tissue massage. Master a range of deep tissue massage techniques, including stripping, cross-fibre friction, and trigger point therapy. Learn proper body mechanics and positioning to ensure safety and effectiveness for both you and your clients. Explore the benefits and contraindications of deep tissue massage. Practice applying deep tissue techniques to classmates under the guidance of a qualified instructor. You will learn: Section 1 - Introduction: Course Introduction Introduction Frequently Asked Questions Benefits Section 2 - Science & Anatomy: Skin Function Skin The Epidermis The Dermis Skin Diseases and Disorders The Skeletal System Bones and Composition The Skull Shoulder, Chest and Spine Bones of the Arm and Hand Bones of the Leg and Foot Skeleton Diagram The Joints Pathologies of the Skeletal System Body Muscles The Muscular System Muscles of the Leg and Foot Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments Pathologies of the Muscular System The Circulatory System The Nervous System Pathologies of the Nervous System Section 3 - Product Knowledge: Product Knowledge Massage Mediums Making Facial Serums Serum Blends Section 4 - Health & Safety: Professional Appearance Personal Hygiene Salon Hygiene Methods of Sterilisation Sterilising Step by Step Ideal Salon Set Up Cleaning Cleaning your Workstation Cross-Contamination Daily Salon Checklist Index Section 5 - Consultation: Consultation Consultation Question & Answer Patch Testing Contraindications Contra-actions Section 6 - Bamboo Massage Process: Posture Massage Massage Movements Assessment Technique

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