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Facial Bramhall, Stockport

Facial with collagen

We provide all my clients with an individual, customised treatment. All facials include a double cleanse (usually with steam), Face Mapping, exfoliation, shoulder neck & facial massage, treatment masques and skin protection incorporating sun defence. Each facial is personalised to suit your skin’s needs and your preferences with an emphasis on skin health and preventative care. You will usually be offered a choice of a complimentary scalp, hand or foot massage as an integral part of all except express and teenage facials to relieve stress and improve well being.

On your first visit you will be asked to complete a consultation card, please allow yourself extra time on top of the treatment time shown. You will also be asked to update your records on all subsequent visits. After your facial you will be given your Face Map, a personalised prescription of products recommended for your use at home to maximise the benefits of your treatments and improve your shin health. I will advise you on how and when to use your products and will address current issues at each appointment. You may be advised to book a course of treatments for optimal results.


What is a Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial? A Dermabrasion facial is a safe treatment that deeply exfoliates and resurfaces the skin and can be done during your lunch hour without leaving you blotched, red or bruised. It is the nu,her one choice as quick intense facial rejuvenation in the Uk. Diamond Microdermabrasion is performed using a Dermabrasion tip covered in Diamonds perform skin exfoliation. When the Diamond tip is moved across the skin, it exfoliates the top layers sucking up the loose dead skin cells. The dead skin cells are accumulated in a filter, which makes it easy for client to see how much dead skin was removed.

This facial treatment helps to eliminate dry and full skin, helping to stimulate collagen and elastin production thus increasing blood flow to the skin and thereby helping to decrease the visible sign of wrinkles. Reduction of scarring will also be visible. The client will leave with newly energised and glowing complexion. A course of treatments may be recommended for you, as multiple treatments are more progressive and can give better result fro client with deeper wrinkles or scarring.

Hair Removal

Pain free body waxing

We use special intimate waxing brand Nice & Easy for all of our Waxication treatments. Nice & Easy intimate wax is the next generation in intimate waxing; a salon grade specialist intimate waxing collection that revolutionises hair removal.

Whether you want all hair off, or anything in-between, our waxing specialists are happy to oblige! Don't be shy, you tell us what hair you want removing and we will take it off for you, in the most pain-free way possible. Be warned this is a luxury express waxing experience! We don't employ slow coaches, your experience with us will be thorough and in record time; we aim to have you "Waxicationed" within 30 minutes of arriving with us, so you'll be paying at reception and your Waxication is complete before you know it.

Only the best products are used on your skin, so there will be no cold "stingy" tea tree lotions, just luxury soothing pre and post-waxing oils. Don't settle for imposters - Waxications founder has waxed day in day out, to deliver to you the best waxing experience on the planet. All our techniques are exclusive to Waxication, so don't settle for 2nd best.

Whether you're booking for our Signature intimate wax or a modest bikini, we use a combination of the world's leading waxes. Your Specalist wax therapist will use stripless (hot) wax  to achieve you perfect results.

We look forward to keeping you hair-free and with a warm and genuine welcome, we will ensure your experience is one you're looking forward to repeating (honest!!).